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The e-Journal for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science is an international forum for interdisciplinary research on Religion, Philosophy and Science, half-yearly (with issue in 31st of January and 31st of July), edited in English, French or German Languages by The Centre for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science, The Faculty of Orthodox Theology "Dumitru Staniloae", "Al. I. Cuza" State University of Iasi, ROMANIA


JIRRS aim is to develop the interdisciplinary research component regarding Religion, Philosophy and Science by publishing original research. Its title highlights the general framework of the scientific contributions of those who will support it with their studies and articles; it is quite a generous framework that allows for many-sided approaches and interpretations of the dialogue between the scientific rationality and the existential experience of religious faith, with all their positive or negative effects upon the human conscience and its life environment.

We are keenly aware of the painstaking efforts that need to be made in this area, on the one hand, in order to rethink, in a critical way, the potential, the means and the limits of the dialogue between Religion and Science, and on the other, in order to escape two irrelevant attitudes to this dialogue, namely: the propensity towards a totalizing monism of knowledge, based on the desire to achieve a balanced synthesis between scientific data and metaphysical and religious truths, and the tendency towards a dividing dualism, which precludes any systematic correlation between the domains of scientific knowledge and those of religious knowledge.

In order to surpass these two extreme attitudes, which could block the edifying dimension of dialogue, we consider it necessary that all those interested in this dialogue assume intellectual diligence and a permanent concern for being up-to-date, both in their own field of research and in those of their partners in dialogue; acknowledge that the ultimate statements of religious faith, called metaphysical in traditional language, are not the conclusions of an epistemological undertaking, part of a continuum of scientific effort. The aim of their application is not the instrumental scientific reason, but the integral reason illuminated by the faith in a transcendental sense of life in general and of the human person in particular.

All articles should be consistent with an interdisciplinary perspective from Religion and Science.

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